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Spa with paraffin

If you have chapped hands and neglected feet, it’s time to try out a paraffin wax treatment.


SPA Treatment with warm paraffin for hands or feet, there is only one ‘drawback’ to the treatment – you’ll be so delighted, you’ll keep wanting to come back for more! 

So, what is this wonder treatment?

  Melted to a comfortable temperature, your foot or hand are immersed in the warm wax and gently pulled out. You may be asked to dip your hand or foot in a few times.


  A layer of wax builds up and the warmth moves into your tissues. We place mittens and booties around your hands and feet for 10 minutes and the wax has it’s softening effect on the skin.


In therapeutic terms, paraffin wax is used to help alleviate a range of conditions:
•    Arthritis
•    Bursitis
•    Eczema and psoriasis
•    Sore muscles
•    Stiff Joints
•    Tennis Elbow
•    Sports related injuries
•     …


This is because the warm, molten wax soothes and moisturises skin, opens pores and increases circulation; it also helps people relax!


Come on and try for yourself!