Pressotherapy - Lymphatic drainage

Do you know that pressotherapy is a mechanical lymphatic drainage?


Lymphatic drainage has been praised as a great way to flush out toxins from your body. 


  Pressotherapy is a mechanized lymphatic drainage technique designed to accelerate the movement of the lymph and remove toxins at a cellular level.

  This relaxing 30 minute session improves venous circulation and a sluggish lymphatic system, a prevalent condition of 21st century living that hinders health and vitality.


 Treatment Benefits Include:

  • Improves blood circulation and oxygenation

  • Alleviates Back Pain

  • Helps prevent varicose veins and thrombosis

  • Improves heavy, tired legs, edema and fluid retention

  • Recommended for the treatment of reducing cellulite

  • Slimming and detoxifying. A safe alternative to liposuction

  • Body shaping and profiling

  • Weight management

  • Relieves bloating, pain and swelling, and provides immediate comfort

  • Improves sleep and increases vitality

  • Provides athletic performance enhancement


  Pressotherapy is a painless, non-invasive detoxifying treatment, which through effective lymphatic drainage, helps to promote the body's natural toxin clearing functions. The revitalization and oxygenation of the tissue helps to slim and redefine the legs, stomach and arms while enhancing skin tone.


  Pressotherapy is a computer controlled compression system, which operates using inflating pumps combined with infrared heat. The device has five separate chambers, which are positioned around the limbs. These chambers will fill with air and pressure designed to simulate a deep massage, from the toes upwards and then back and forth.  The focus is on moving the venous and lymph flow, starting from the ankles and moving to the upper thighs. Designed to increase blood circulation and lymph flow, Pressotherapy enhances extra-cellular fluid clearance, reduces bloating, swelling and oedema, alleviates leg fatigue and improves oxygen flow through the whole body.


  Pressotherapy helps the body remove toxins and waste products out of the peripheral tissues (including the cellulite tissues) by boosting both blood circulation and lymphatic drainage.  The body then naturally expels toxins, excess water and waste products.  Importantly, pressotherapy helps transport fat molecules from the cellulite tissues into the general circulation for oxidation (“burning”) in the muscles and other organs.


  For these reasons, pressotherapy is an ideal treatment for cellulite prevention and reduction.  Pressotherapy is a great, relaxing alternative to liposuction.


  For best results, it is recommended that clients receive a series of treatments, ranging from 8-12 treatments, depending on specific individual needs.  Weekly treatments are recommended to achieve individual results.


  • Phlebitis

  • Thrombophlebitis

  • Varicose veins

  • Arteriosclerosis

  • Diabetes with microangiopathy

  • Hepatic and renal failure

  • Liver cirrhosis

  • Skin lesions or skin diseases

  • Severe inflammatory processes (tuberculosis , HIV)

  • Pregnancy or breast-feeding

  • Pacemakers and joint replacements