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Plasmapen / Fibroblast

Plasmapen / Fibroblast is a new treatment in aesthetic medicine. Plasma delivers controlled skin heating without creating open wounds.


The system is very precise and does not spread heat to surrounding areas, which means it is perfect to perform in areas with thinner skin such as eyelids (upper and lower) and throat. Plasmapen is an alternative to surgical procedures. Plasmapen works only in the upper skin layer. Can be applied to lines / wrinkles around the mouth, upper lip, neck and other parts of the body with flabby / wrinkled skin.


Tightening and renewing of the skin. Plasmapen can also treat scars, stretch marks and remove warts, growths and pigment spots.



The treatment: 

Small scabs occur, which disappear after about 4-7 days. It is common with 2 to 3 days easy swelling in the area. Often lubricate with a good moisturizer. When the wound crusts disappear, the skin can still be slightly red, this can be covered with makeup and sun factor 50.


Fibroblast / Plasma pen can tighten up:


- upper and lower eyelid

- synagogues

- crow's nest

- neck

- chest

- Belly / skin around the belly button