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What is a Deep Cleansing Facial?

  Deep cleansing facials use a variety of treatments to clean your face more thoroughly than what other treatments provide. You can expect to have your face steamed to open up the pores; an extraction of clogged pores, whiteheads and blackheads; a deep pore cleansing treatment and healing masks to improve the skin’s surface and underlying layers.


  We can use Ultrasonic to help the extraction and radiofrequencie to close to pores, depending of the type of the skin

​How often should I do this?

  Once a month, is what we think is the best for your skin






What should I expect from an acne facial appointment?

 An acne facial starts with a thorough facial cleansing and exfoliation. The esthetician or dermatologist will then do an extraction process for your clogged pores, which can be done with finger-applied pressure and a cotton ball on either side of the pore, or with tools. This is often followed by a mask or facial massage to calm the skin.       Often, products such as salicylic and glycolic acids may be used to remove dead skin cells as part of the facial treatment. At the end of the facial, you may be offered product to use at home to treat acne between facials. There’s no expectation to make a purchase, of course – it’s totally up to you.



What are the benefits of acne facials?


 The main benefit of this type of facial, of course, is the reduction of facial acne. The treatment should help reduce redness and inflammation, and help the skin rebalance. With regular treatments, future acne breakouts may be minimized.

Are there side-effects from acne facials?


There are minimal side effects from an acne facial. Occasionally people do experience inflamed skin after some of the treatments, but this often subsides within a few hours. If you have especially sensitive skin, let the esthetician know beforehand as it may change which treatments they perform.

How many visits will I need to see results?


 You should start to see results after your first acne facial. However, you may need to make multiple visits to achieve your desired results depending on the severity of the breakout. It’s also important to take good care of your skin at home in between facial visits, and a good esthetician will be able to recommend an effective follow-up routine.





  The 20+ age group with combination skin, oily, prone to acne, seborrhea, acne, contaminated skin with enlarged pores, blackheads, blemishes and scars; The 40+ age group mature combination complexion, oily, prone
to acne, skin with signs of aging, shallow wrinkles, loss of firmness and elasticity, photoaging, aging skin, after sun and age discoloration, dry and rough skin, revitalization of skin pigmentation disorders.



  Exfoliates dead skin, cleanses and narrows extended sebaceous glands, reduces blackheads, regulates the secretion of sebum, cleanses, improves hydration, elasticity and skin, reduces wrinkles and shallow acne changes,
reduces the visibility of acne scars and discoloration, increases the effectiveness of skin care products,
evens the skin tone and improves the overall skin condition.



  A series of 4-6 treatments every 10-15 days, treatments performed only in the fall or spring while keeping UV protection.



  Active viral infections (herpes, warts), active bacterial infections, active inflammatory skin diseases (eczema, psoriasis, AD), a history of recent surgery (fresh scars) or light therapies, sensitivity to acids (allergy)
pregnancy and lactation, treatment with retinoids in the last 6 months, antibiotics and various forms of vitamin A,       scratches, interrupted continuity of the skin, keloids, acne: phlegmonous, acne conglobata, acne keloidem (active purulent lesions, cysts), skin after depilation, a large number of pigmented lesions





   Anti aging seems to be on everyone’s minds these days. Both men and women are trying different types of anti-aging facial treatments in order to reduce the signs of aging. Many have found the anti-aging facial to be an effective, non-invasive treatment to prevent or reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

What are anti-aging facials?

  An anti-aging facial is a type of facial that focuses on improving the elasticity in your skin to reduce the signs of aging. Many people in their 20s and 30s turn to anti-aging facials as a preventative measure.



What are the benefits?


  This type of facial improves the elasticity and health of your skin, helping to reduce the signs of aging. It helps keep your skin healthy, nourished, and replenished, which all prevent or reduce fine lines, creases and wrinkles.



What should I expect?


  The facial often starts with the cleansing of your skin, followed by the esthetician analyzing your skin under a magnifying lamp to get a clear picture of your skin’s health. Based on their findings, you can expect a personalized combination of exfoliation, extractions, and a facial massage. A collagen mask or serums may also be used to nourish and replenish your skin.



What are the risks?


  Like other facials, there are minimal risks and side effects. You may experience some redness, irritation, skin breakouts, or scarring in very rare cases. Generally, the more sensitive your skin, the more side effects you will have.

  Your esthetician may not perform some treatments if you are taking antibiotics or other medications that tend to cause your skin to be more susceptible to risks. Make sure you share this information with your esthetician prior to treatment.​


Some treatments to use on this kind of facial





Indications for the procedure:

  Every type of skin, treatment recommended for persons over 30 years of age, skin with clearly delineated wrinkles, dry skin with symptoms of loss of firmness and elasticity, sensitive skin, skin showing signs of aging



  Intense and long-lasting hydration, improved natural contour of the face, smoothing of superficial wrinkles, increased skin elasticity and firmness, smoothed skin, radiant and visibly rejuvenated skin, improvement of the structure and appearance of the skin



  Treatment to be applied to the face and neck. The suggested regimen is a series of 4-6 treatments, once a week. To sustain the effects, one treatment once a month, plus one-off treatments to quickly improve the condition of the skin.



  Allergy or hypersensitivity to any of the ingredients


Products used during procedure:

• 3.5% Hyaluronic Facial Serum
• Hyaluronic Lifting Face Mask
• Anatomical Algae-Gypsum Face Mask
• Hyaluronic Facial Cream
• Eye and Lip Makeup Remover
• Ultra-Hydrating Cream for Makeup Removal
• Ultra-Hydrating Face Toner
• 2in1 Enzymatic Fine Facial Scrub with Papain and Bromelain
• Contact-Gel for Ultrasound Treatments
• Eye Wrinkles Filler


Devices used during procedure:

  2in1 Ultrasound Photon Massage






Indication for treatment

  For over-25-year-olds representing each skin type, especially recommended for dry skin requiring regeneration, structural wrinkles and expression lines, after weight loss to strengthen the skin and to improve its suppleness, supplementary to aesthetic medicine treatments, occasionally before a special event



  Smoothed and reduced wrinkles, intensive hydration, replenishment of water deficits in the horny layer of the epidermis, protects the skin against dryness, improved skin density and structure, prevention of the skin ageing process, nourishment and regeneration, reduced signs of tiredness and stress




  Apply on face, neck and décolleté, a series of 6-8 treatments twice a week is initially recommended, subsequently once per month to prolong treatment effects, occasionally before a special event



Equipment for the treatment

  Ultrasounds (Sonophoresis) • Iontophoresis • Mezoterapie withoutof needle