Green Peel

Green Peel is a medically developed peel, developed on 100% natural active ingredients, without chemical active ingredients that can irritate the skin. A real workout that optimizes the skin's functions from the inside to the outside for High strength , healty and elasticity


Skin appearance

Green Peel is a powerful tissue tightener and fights early aging and loss of elasticity. Visible improvement on impure skin, acne, scars, uneven skin tone, pigments depending on the cause, sun-damaged, gray and chapped skin and large pores.

100% Natural

Green Peel contains ONLY pure plants and herbs, including Aloe Vera, Bladderwrack, Spirulina. 

Many people are surprised that such an effective and deep-acting peel can be completely natural. Through the unique composition of herbs, the skin is treated with highly concentrated nutrients, soothing / healing / raining effect, while the herbs are very cleansing and stimulating.

In contrast to chemical peels, the herbs have the same pH as the skin. Aging of the skin is thus prevented without stripping the important skin barrier. Despite the deep-acting peeling, Green Peel also makes no holes in the skin. Even the deep Green Peel Classic is gentle despite its powerful depth effect. Green Peel is a safe treatment that stimulates optimally with minimal stress.


Its very important that 3 days before Gree Peel you perform a facial clean, in order to obtain the best results.



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