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Lash Lifting is the trending eyelash treatment all over the world and is already offered in several places in Europe, USA and Asia.


The effect is perfect for those who have a bad time in the morning, want to look ready and awake or those who want to look younger! The lashes seem longer and it opens the eye. In addition, you can get coloured lashes. The result will vary depending on how your lashes are in the first place.


This method works with your own natural lashes so you can do everything you normally do like exercise, swimming and showering. After the treatment is done, minimal maintenance is required. The result lasts for 4 - 6 weeks.


Keratin Lash Lift


Keratine lash lift, lift and colours your lashes while providing nourishment, silk peptides and a variety of fruit and plant extracts.

This will make your lashes healthier and stronger over time and you do not have to wear fake lashes like lash extension.

If you want a proper wow effect, it is recommended that you use Keratin Mascara to give the lashes additional keratin as well as preserve the amazing result for as long as possible


It will not damage or wear to your natural lashes. The lashes, on the other hand, get stronger after each treatment.


The result lasts for 6 to 8 weeks and the treatment takes 45 - 60 minutes.



Lash lifting with filler 


The treatment gives a soft and comfortable result on the natural lashes, and has been developed to protect, strengthen and enhance natural lashes.


We use InLei, this brand has the only product in the world that has clinically tested the effectiveness of lash thickening, increasing on average by 24% after just three treatments.


LASH FILLER is a revolutionary serum as it not only affects the thickness of the lashes that have already grown out, but also stimulates the growth of the lash root and keratin production.


Lash lifting with usually lasts up to 8 weeks