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Double chin can have many causes, such as aging, genetics or weight gain. Even thin people can be bothered by double chin, and it can be difficult or almost impossible to slim or work it out.


Belkyra is the first approved drug for the treatment of unwanted fat under the chin in the form of a double chin. The treatment destroys the fat cells under the chin and often gives a more marked profile.


The injection treatment takes between 15-20 minutes and involves no surgery.


Belkyra contains the active ingredient deoxycholic acid. Deoxycholic acid is naturally produced in the body to facilitate the breakdown of fat.


How does the treatment work?

Belkyra can gradually reduce a double chin and improve the appearance of the chin profile. The treatment focuses on reducing the fat cells under the chin which contributes to the double chin.


How is a belkyra treatment done?

The injection treatment takes between 15-20 minutes and involves no surgery.


The treater injects small amounts of the drug at several sites in the area to be treated. How much Belkyra you get and how many treatments are needed depends on how much fat there is under your chin.


Most people who are treated experience a visible improvement in the chin profile after two to four treatments. For some, up to six treatments are required to achieve optimal results.


The time interval between each treatment should always be at least 4 weeks. Once the desired result is achieved, no further treatment is usually required.


What happens after a belkyra treatment?


As with other injection treatments, you may experience side effects of Belkyra. Immediately after treatment, you may experience pain, swelling / fluid buildup, bruising or reduced chin feeling.